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Groningen University

Terp dwellers were smart people, who knew how to live a good life on the Wadden Sea salt marshes, without destroying the ecosystem.

University of Twente

We are urgently in need for solutions to protect us against sea level rise and the increase in storminess. Engineering solutions inspired by nature will help us to provide soft solutions and certain safety.​

European Tourism Futures Institute, NHL Stenden Hogeschool

The emerging ‘guest economy’ consisting of tourism, recreation, leisure & events can be found in many places, including the Wadden Sea Region. An extra layer is added to landscapes, so to say, making these landscapes more complex. Proper planning and guidance is essential in order for the guest economy to add value to other functions and vice versa.



The Wadden Sea area is a complex socio-ecological system. Effective protection and sustainable development of the area requires coherent understanding of cultural-historical, geological, ecological and socio-economic aspects.

University of Oldenburg

The Wadden Sea is a unique trilateral nature area, but also a cultural landscape influenced by humans over thousands of years. Demographic change, in particular the changing structure of the population, is one of the main challenges for the future of the Wadden Sea.


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